Who controls the Bitcoin. At several locations there are 55% of all coins


Approximately $100 billion in bitcoins are contained in less than 1% of the cryptocurrency wallets, according to a new study by Diar

87% of all bitcoins are in addresses with a balance above 10 BTC ($63 760 at the rate of 18 September), these wallets 0.7% of the total, according to the study Diar. Experts have found that the majority of bitcoins belongs to the “whales”, the accounts of which contains a cryptocurrency for millions of dollars.

About $100 billion in bitcoins owns less than 1% of all available addresses. The total capitalization of the coin at the moment is $110 billion, as part of the digital money is lost forever. 55% of BTC are addresses of users with balance more than 200 coins — about $1.26 million.

About a third of the cryptocurrency is the purses, which were no outgoing transactions. This means that the owners have not transferred the coins after purchase or receipt. Analysts have pointed out that some of them may be in storage platforms for trading with digital money. Know exactly what exchange owned bitcoins for $4.2 billion.

Previously bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox has been approved for civil rehabilitation. In early 2019, it must pay creditors in the order of 160 000 bitcoins worth about $1 billion, the investor Kim Nelson believes that this may cause a fall in the value of digital assets.

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