Who is Joseph Lubin?


Who is Joseph Lubin?

Joseph Lubin — Ethereum co-founder and head of the ConsenSys, of the company to develop blockchain-based applications. In cryptosuite he is known not less, than acne Buterin. Tell who Lubin and what his blockchain.

Ethereum co-founder and head of the ConsenSys Joseph Lubin was born in Toronto in 1964, he graduated from Princeton University with a degree in “Electrical engineering and computer science”, and then began working in the field of robotics, machine vision, neural networks and software development.

Joseph Lubin said after reading the article, Satoshi Nakamoto with the bitcoin description, it is understood that the blockchain can become a “way of organizing the world.”

In December 2013 Joseph met Vitaly Baleriny — it was in Toronto, their hometown, and happened a month after he wrote the concept of Ethereum.

A few weeks later Buterin presented this project at the North American bitcoin conference in Miami.

Once, speaking about Ethereum, Lubin said:

“We develop the idea of the blockchain, invented for the Bitcoin network, making it faster and safer.”

In may 2014, he said

“Bitcoin is designed to transfer and store value, and our system is also able, but its main function is a distributed platform for running applications, a global computer”.

According to rumors, Joseph Lubin was one of the main buyers during the pre-sale of ether, and, although he insists that he sold part of the cryptocurrency to Finance the development ConsenSys, in the community believe that its reserves of air can cost up to $ 10 billion.

Today Lubin says about the second stage in the development of Ethereum. In July was the largest Asian technical conference RISE, gathered 15 thousand people. Speaking at the panel discussion, Lubin said

“Ethereum is developing with the intention of becoming a system of trust first level and the second level on top of the network will be hundreds of thousands of transactions, we will see growth in the current year”.

Ethereum, according to him, will be the basic level for decentralized applications (dApps), working with your own Saidjanov that apps will work offline, and the safety will be on the same level as when using Ethereum, but without overloading the network.

Joseph Lubin and ConsenSys

The company ConsenSys located in new York, and it specialists create decentralized applications and tools for developers and end users blockchain systems, mainly focused on Ethereum.

The company describes itself as a “hub” coordinating and accelerating the development of startups through the development, sharing resources, acquisitions, investments and joint ventures.

July 2018 ConsenSys had more than 900 employees and consisted of 48 startups. The company develops many applications in global distributed computing platform. The team of ConsenSys writes:

“Thanks to the smart contracts and the perfection of our encryption solutions ensure transparency, audioease and resistance is the unique properties of blockchain technology.”

Platforms and applications ConsenSys is and new approaches in traditional areas, including logistics (Viant), energy (Grid+), journalism (Civil) and law (OpenLaw), and solutions for the new digital economy (Airswap, Balanc3), and innovative, decentralized applications, including Ujo, Gitcoin, Bounties. Network and Gnosis, which bring real benefits to the people and pave the way to a decentralized global economy.

In addition, ConsenSys Services provides consultation and offers partnership in various fields: technological, corporate and government sectors, in education, community organizations and the media.

The company is also engaged in educational projects of the Academy are trying to bring the winning blockchain, giving people knowledge about the system Ethereum. Recently, Lubin said

“The Academy ConsenSys educated already about 1,500 developers, as well as many lawyers and members of other professions who have gone to apply their knowledge in business and in organizations such as the world Bank. We also conduct short training programs.”

In ConsenSys developing blockchain platform komgo SA for trade in raw materials, including oil and agricultural products. Joseph Lubin says:

“We are entering a new era: now access the blockchain technology will be all the easier and it is now the basis for new types of cooperation.”

komgo SA brings together ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, Citi, Credit Agricole Group, Gunvor, ING, Koch Supply & Trading, Macquarie, Mercuria, MUFG Bank, Natixis, Rabobank, Shell, SGS and Societe Generale. Lubin says:

“We are very pleased to see that the leading banks specializing in trade in raw materials, work together system komgo SA. When it is running, it will radically simplify the interaction, increase trust in the industry will simplify the audit process and increase the availability of financing for all players.”

In addition, ConsenSys interested in third-party blockchain projects: so, the company invested 6.5 million dollars in start-up of the former top Manager R3 Tim Grant DrumG. Joseph Lubin was appointed to the Board of Directors of the project.

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