Why cheaper IOTA. Member of the Board of Directors of the project resigned


The company’s management did not agree about one of the latest updates, so Dominic Shiner has decided to leave. The cost of the token is decreased by 5% per day

8 August, IOTA Foundation has released an update, after which one of the founders of the company Sergey Iwanaga stated that he no longer trusts the member of the Board of Directors Dominic Shiner — he should resign, writes Ambcrypto. The company began the scandal, in the end, Shiner left the blockchain.

The official statement about his departure have not yet been done, but we know that he is no longer involved in the work. After that, the price of the token fell to a yearly low of $0.6. The last time it cost also cheap in November last year. For the last day of the course Aldona decreased by 5%.

20 Dec 2017 IOTA was trading at level of $5,36 for the last eight months the price of bitcoin has fallen by almost ten times. Over the same period, the total capitalization of the sector fell 3.7% from $830 billion to $220 billion. Bitcoin fell from $20,000 to $6500.

Follow the situation in the IOTA Foundation in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

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