Why DASH went up by 25%. Massively buying currency in Venezuela


The coin rose in price by 22% relative to bitcoin. This could affect several of the events that have occurred in recent years

On Tuesday, August 28, the market average rate of cryptocurrency DASH reached $185, and then fell back. The coin is now trading at $180. Over the past day has increased its price by 23%, while bitcoin and the air has risen by only 3%.

According to the CEO of the project DASH of Ryan Taylor, the course of bitcoin has risen due to high interest from users of Venezuela. The value of the local currency is falling rapidly, despite the denomination, so the citizens are trying to find options for saving their money.

In addition to South American countries, an increased interest in bitcoin DASH observed in Russia and China, said Taylor in an interview with Business Insider. The team also Aldona entered into a partnership with Kripto Mobile. Now her clients can install on their smartphones wallets to store this token.

At the end of January 2018, DASH entered into a partnership with three companies GoCoin, Strike Social and Piiko. In addition, the blockchain, the project invested the largest research facility in the United States — the University of Arizona.

More news about the cryptocurrency DASH you will find in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

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