Why Dogecoin has risen. The price of the coin rises amid a falling market


Course Aldona increased by 15%, despite the fact that the capitalization of the entire industry decreased by 4.3%

Thursday, August 30, Dogecoin has risen on four lines in the list of largest by capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Now Aldon is on the 29th place. Its price increased by 15% over the past day, while bitcoin fell 3%, Ethereum and Ripple — 6%.

The price of Dogecoin has risen to the level of $0,003 per day trading volume Aldona increased almost six — fold from $5 million to $28 million. Of the top 100 digital money only seven are in the “green zone”, the rest of the day lost about 10%.

A token with a dog from the Doge meme in the logo went up shortly after it became known about the launch of the project Dogethereum. It starts on 5 September, when you have the exchange of tokens between platforms Dogecoin and Ethereum. This will be possible thanks to a new smart contract.

More news about Dogecoin you will find in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

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