Why Ethereum fell in September. Blame ICO


For the first 10 days of fall start-UPS sold over 160 thousand esters, the price of coins during this time decreased by 32%

Last month the ICO projects sold 283 thousand Ethereum, according to the study TrustNodes, 163 thousand of them are exchanged for Fiat for the first ten days of September. The largest volume of sales the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies was recorded on 4 September when startups got rid of 82 thousand ETH.

Analysts of the edition believe that active sale could adversely affect the value of the cryptocurrency. From 1 to 10 September Ethereum fell by 32%, from $283 to $196. Experts recommend large. ICO startups to turn to professional managers to sell assets.

Formerly a leading trader company United Traders Alexey Markov in his newspaper column on RBC-Crypto explained why in 2018 the cost of Ethereum has decreased by almost 90%. He explained that the price of the project is not related to its technical development.

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