Why ExxonMobil, Cisco and others joined the research Institute of the blockchain


Why ExxonMobil, Cisco and others joined the research Institute of the blockchain

Different corporations around the world have shown interest in blockchain technology. This year the Institute of research in the field of blockchain in Toronto has opened doors to several new members the learning and implementing the technology of the distributed registry. Among them are the five largest companies (the list is in ascending order of magnitude).

5. SpaceChain

The idea of combining blockchain technology with space flight sounds very interesting. SpaceChain hard moving in this direction. The company’s specialists strive to awaken people’s interest in life in space. Joining the Institute is another step towards this. The exact plan of the company is not yet quite known.

4. Procter & Gamble

Corporation with a world name Procter & Gamble does not shy away from blockchain technology. Over the past year, she has repeatedly signaled that it intends to implement the technology in their activities — in particular, in the field of voting by proxy.

3. Intuit

Most company Intuit is known FOR its it produces software for business and Finance. Tools from Intuit for accounting and tax calculation used by thousands of customers around the world. The company is now exploring the possibility of introducing the blockchain in their Quickbooks program.

Intuit experts believe that the blockchain can benefit small businesses. The main priority for the company is its practical value, because it has always sought first to introduce innovative technology. Interest in the blockchain is in full compliance with this position.

2. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest oil and gas company, whose shares are traded on the market, and she has no time to rest on our laurels. This year the company is exploring the opportunity to improve using the blockchain app Speedpass+. Other scenarios are still unclear, but the potential variants — the sea.

1. Cisco

Most of the enthusiasts of IT— technologies familiar with the Cisco brand. Now this specialist in computer networks shows a persistent interest in the blockchain. The company already has a Department working on the basis of this technology.

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