Why rose Basic Token Attention. It can add Coinbase


The cost of bitcoin has grown 10% on the background of rumors about adding in a major us area

Wednesday, October 17, the price of Basic token Attention Token (BAT) rose to 6-week high of $0,21, and then slightly fell back. Now Aldon trading at $0,20 per day it has risen by 10.25%.

The price of the cryptocurrency began to increase after the network appeared rumors that in the near future the possibility to trade the coin will appear on a major us exchange Coinbase. Previously, the site has added support for other token standard ERC-20 — 0x. The journalists Nulltx.com stressed that the listing of the BAT — a matter of time and maybe it will happen soon.

Many users also fuels rumors about adding Aldona in the near future, and stock exchange representatives reported that they use a new mechanism that allows to speed up the listing process. In Coinbase did not give official comments about adding a BAT.

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