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Ripple is one of the most controversial cryptocurrency on the market. However, it firmly holds its position in the top 3 and pleases investors with growth on the background of positive news. What the future holds for XRP?

Ripple (XRP/USD) is not only one of the most controversial cryptocurrency on the market, but also one of the fastest, if you believe the claims of the General Director and the project founder brad Garlinghouse.

Complex relationship to it primarily due to the fact that the Fund was Ripple often accused of excessive centralization and misuse of XRP. However, in recent years the passions around the cryptocurrency has settled down. Contributed to this statement that the Fund will promote xRapid.

Actually xRapid — the only product of Ripple, which is really using XRP. Fortunately, already there are banks willing to test the new car like it happened with xVia and xCurrent.

What is the future in this case is waiting for bitcoin and the issuing organization?

XRP “a thousand times faster than bitcoin”?

In fact, it is not surprising that the market is currency that bitcoin faster. Most forks of the original coins actually surpass them in speed and cheapness of work.

Every year bitcoin (Bitcoin) becomes more expensive, and check transactions takes more time. In such circumstances, digital currencies like Ripple that are considered to be the fastest and cheapest way to transfer value, have a chance to compete with the oldest cryptocurrency.

Recently Arlinghaus said that does not follow the price of XRP, and are looking for new ways to use the blockchain technology underlying the cryptocurrency. According to him, the Ripple has already proved its efficiency and ability to solve many of the problems existing in the industry of remittances.At the conference in San Francisco Arlinghaus noted that Ripple a thousand times faster and cheaper bitcoin, noting that a decentralized open-source on the basis of XRP will solve all the existing problems with payments.

The Fund also intends to release a version xRapid for banks and financial institutions, thereby contributing to the promotion of cryptocurrencies. Its official release is scheduled for October of next year.

2019 may be the year Ripple

Currently, the Ripple network Net includes more than 120 banks and financial institutions. With so many clients, she came in first position among alternative payment systems in 40 countries. In other words, currently XRP is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market.

In the Ripple network payments take a few seconds. Usually, transactions are held for 3-4 seconds, and the low costs allow you to use XRP for …

Technology is at the very heart xRapid was repeatedly tested with different partners Ripple. It is easy to imagine that after its launch the position of the cryptocurrency will only intensify.

Representatives of the team say that development plan, Ripple provides for the entry into the network of a new Bank every week, which should further consolidate the dominant position of the project in the market of remittances.

Converting XRP into cash in seconds: Ripple Japanese ATMs

Thanks to a partnership with a British Bank Wirex now there is the possibility of direct exchange of XRP coins for cash Japanese ATMs.

Wirex has released a secure debit card based on XRP. It is supported by more than 40 million stores worldwide and some Japanese ATMs with cash.

The fruits of the partnership Wirex and Ripple enable you to look at the future of XRP. Apparently, it will be cloudless, and 2019 has the potential to become the year of the Ripple.

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