With the beginning of 2018, hackers stole more than $900 mln — study


With the beginning of 2018, hackers stole more than $900 mln — study

The news about the hacking of exchanges periodically excite the public. But totals look even more impressive. According to the company CipherTrace, for the first 9 months of the current year malefactors stole crypts almost 3.5 times more than for the whole of 2017.

CipherTrace according to the published data, the volume of funds stolen by hackers in January — September 2018, reached $927 million versus $266 million in 2017.

The most famous cases is the hacking of kryptomere Bithumb, Coincheck, BitGrail, Bancor, and, quite recently, Zaif. Quite resonant was also successful “attack 51%” on Bitcoin and Gold hacking platform ICO Taylor.

Conclusion the authors of the study are disappointing — with the pace, the volume of stolen funds by the end of the year is quite able to exceed $1 billion, and well, if this limited. Actually, to round amounts remained CipherTrace argues that the embezzlement in the amount of about $60 million just not announced publicly.

The criminals are one step ahead of not only security researchers but also regulators of most countries. Evaluation SEO CipherTrace Dave Jevans, the countries developed and adopted a truly effective change in the law to combat money laundering, can be counted on the fingers.

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