Work giant bitcoin BitFury farm and Hut 8 in Canada began with threats


The recent Grand opening of the world’s largest bitcoin farm was marred by threats from the canadian city to stop the supply of electricity in the heat. BitFury and Hut 8 has launched a mining-farm in the city of medicine hat, waiting for a more positive attitude on the part of the region, which is known as a producer of cheap electricity.

In mining the company invested more than $100 million It occupies 4.5 hectares and located in 56 shipping containers. The farm consumes as much electricity as a city with 60,000 inhabitants, producing 20 bitcoins per day.

Despite the warnings about blackouts in the heat, in an interview on September 24, mayor Ted Clugston welcomed the enterprise and said that he is happy to sell the electricity BitFury and Hut 8. However, he does not exclude that in some situations, possible power outages, as the industry of cryptocurrency does not apply to vital.

CEO of Hut 8 Andrew Kiguel stated that cryptocurrency is an extremely valuable tool for people who have lost faith in traditional banking institutions. He said

Bitcoin was created during the financial crisis, and it really provides opportunities to people who do not trust their government or Central banks.

Group of people, concerned about the amount of power that would waste farm, gave the mayor some pressure.

Recall that such environmental groups as Greenpeace, has repeatedly criticized the bitcoin miners because they consume more electric energy than 159 countries in the aggregate. Critics argue that the mining companies could do more to use renewable energy sources.

However, supporters of the technology insist that the power consumption of the miners are in fact smaller than traditional banking companies and credit card operators. Some calculations showed that the mining of bitcoin consumes less power than the Christmas illuminations.

Experts also note that even the temporary closure of a major enterprise, like a farm in medicine hat, will have a minimal impact on Hasrat network.

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