Work in the field of cryptocurrency


Work in the field of cryptocurrency

The blockchain and smart contracts is not just the tools of Finance. These technologies have created a world without borders, based on decentralization. Communicating in the languages of the cycles, only programmers really understand how the blockchain works and why the most vulnerable of smart contracts. Despite this, the work in the field of cryptocurrency is and for the professionals who make digital products easy and intuitive for the end user, popularitybut them. The article discusses the position of the tag “jobs cryptocurrency” and selected specialty who have sufficient demand, but small offer.

Whom to work, without knowing programming languages

For clarity, the statistics of job search in the field of blockchain presents result of a survey of 241 user telegram-channel Crypto HeadHunter.

The chart shows that the work of looking for the representatives of the IT professions, management, marketers, copywriters, traders and analysts. The least SMM-specialists, traffic managers, and support specialists. These positions should be considered in more detail.

The traffic Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy for the procurement of traffic management channels paid traffic on Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, Double click and control the work of external agencies for the procurement of traffic.


  • A mathematical approach to marketing.
  • knowledge of technologies for contextual and targeted advertising.
  • Knowledge of systems, web Analytics (GA, YM).
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of advertising and ICO cryptoprocta.
  • Knowledge of mobile tracking.

Salary: $2000.

SMM-Manager leads community Bitcointalk, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and is developing a content plan, viral advertising campaigns, monitoring statistics and engaged in guerrilla marketing.


  • Experience in SMM 3 years.
  • Working with cryptocurrency (the ability to install and use crypto wallets).
  • Conduct targeted advertising.
  • Experience with or service Cerebro target.
  • Creativity.
  • The ability to write in different styles.
  • Knowledge and experience in all these channels.
  • Knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, ICO, blockchain technology, etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Russian language.
  • Level of English not lower than upper intermediate.

Salary: $900.

The probability to find a job SMM-Manager is high, as the representatives of this specialty with sufficient experience and demand from employers exceeds the supply.

SEO-specialist – a position, which involves the semantic nuclei, development of a strategy to promote content, SEO/ASO Analytics, audit websites for content.


  • Expert possession Excel.
  • Knowledge of HTML, JS.
  • Working with Xenu, key collector, Screaming frog.
  • An analytical mind.
  • Experience SEO specialist for 3 years.
  • English not less than Advanced.

Salary: $1300.

Community Manager needs to organize community support in the shell, Telegram and Bitcointalk, post news to Twitter, to manage interactive communications with the target audience (contests, Bounty programs, special projects, surveys, etc.), collect feedback from users and convey it to the developers.


  • Experience community Manager or moderator on a popular cryptocurrency forums, maintaining constant activity.
  • High communication skills.
  • Ability to learn and absorb a large amount of new information.
  • English at the level of a native speaker.

Salary: $800.


The first person who began the blockchain by the developer, provided $19 billion in just one developing.

Consider the most popular blockchain jobs in 2018.

The blockchain is a developer position, which involves the creation of a commercial product using the technology of the blockchain, integrating with other systems (banks, electronic payment systems) all trading operations, development of processing cryptocurrency.


  • Knowledge of the principles of functioning blockchain systems.
  • Experience of 5 years.
  • Knowledge of YAP JS, experience in the use of message queue, AWS SQS, NoSQL databases and SQL Kafka-React.js work with Docker, the experience of the REST, microservices Websocket, Angular 2+.
  • Knowledge of pattern development, basic algorithms.
  • Experience of creating automated tests.
  • Proven experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Knowledge of the principles of operation of servers and p2p networks.
  • Working with cryptography and network protocols.

Salary blockchain-specialist: $2500-3000.

Developer smart-contracts engaged in the development and testing of smart contracts. Despite the growing popularity of the EOS, Ethereum is still the main development platform for smart contracts.


  • Experience in the development of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms, data structures.
  • Proven development experience in Java, NodeJS, web3.js, JavaScript, scale, C++, solidity.
  • Strong knowledge in cryptography, an understanding of cryptographic protocols.
  • Knowledge of network programming.
  • Experience developing high-load fault-tolerant systems, the idea of consensus algorithms, experience in low level programming.

Salary: $2000.

Project manager is not related to blockchain vacancies, as it is not a technical position. Manager manages the project forms a team of programmers and testers, builds development cycles, working with motivation, team cohesion, corporate culture communicates and tracks individual results. Most frequently become PM after experience as a tester or developer.


  • Experience PM from 3 years.
  • Required knowledge of programming languages.
  • Experience in Agile-team.
  • Work in the environment of Jira / Confluence.
  • English (international system IELTS >6).

Salary: $1300.

Features of work in kryptomere

For a job search in cryptosuite there are separate sites. For example, the international cryptocurrencyjobs or Russian

  • Remote work in the field of cryptocurrency is more common than in other niches. At least 40% of employers offer cooperation at distance.
  • Technical education is welcome.
  • New projects are regularly updated job listings.
  • The vast majority of positions requires knowledge of the English language.
  • You should understand the principles of cryptocurrency and interact with them.

The main requirement to the employee is a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the world of the blockchain.

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