Worldcore: Russia ranks first in the market.


Worldcore: Russia ranks first in the market.

The financial service provider Worldcore provided a report for July and June, the volume of OTC and exchange trade in the world.
The first list with more than $ 2.6 billion was headed by Malta. Russia occupies 13-e a place in this group with a 24-hour volume of less than 50 million US dollars. Further, for comparison, data on OTC torogul analysts Worldcore chose popular P2P platform Localbitcoins, containing the announcement of the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency. There buyers can negotiate the deal and assign your conditions, for example, sell 1 BTC via Yandex.Money or Qiwi. The platform charges a fee for each transaction.

So, the research on the market showed the opposite results. In this case, the leader was Russia, with a trading volume of 2000 BTC. It was followed by USA (1000 BTC), China (600 BTC) and Nigeria (600 BTC). However, Worldcore also expects the increase in the average volume of transactions in the future. At the same time, the company financial tech predicts that with the growth of cryptobiotic through the traditional payment system that supports transactions with credit cards Visa and Mastercard over-the-counter market will be reduced.

The study authors comment on this situation by the fact that stock transactions are much more popular in countries with a more favorable attitude towards cryptocurrencies and vnebirzhevyh trade is prevalent in countries with strict laws or a lack of proper regulation.

Analysts CBT Express my opinion on the matter. They believe that the popularity of OTC trading in Russia is explained by the fact that many enterprising Russians often wish to purchase or sell bitcoin in large volumes through a reputable bitcoin dealers, as usual cryptomeria to do not entirely safe because the private keys you do not belong. Also on many, even the top exchanges lacking the required amount for exchange. And, of course, legal uncertainty in respect of crypto-currencies and operations with them opens with the Russian authorities affects the benefit of choosing buyers and sellers of OTC platforms.

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