Wppsi eyeing the “dollar” the brothers Winklevoss and others stabilium


Wppsi eyeing the “dollar” the brothers Winklevoss and others stabilium

Vppsa, one of the world’s largest trading platforms wants to add new stabilini. This was announced by chief financial officer Wei Zhou, noting that the platform is interested in expanding the list of trusted digital assets. The exact list of contenders for the listing, he did not, but it is known that one of the newcomers can become a Gemini Dollar.

This does not mean that the Hong Kong stock exchange will cease to serve transactions with Tether. Wei stressed:

In General, we hope that soon the situation around USDT stabiliziruemost, so we will continue to maintain it.

Wapse for quite some time shown a particular interest in digital assets, provided the us currency. For example, in may in listing was added coin TrueUSD, and at the end of September, the exchange commenced operations with tokens PAX.

Now the team of analysts Binance task is to examine the pros and cons of each stablein, which may soon be added to the listing. First they have to find out the Dollar potential of the Gemini brothers the Winklevoss twins.

The asset is very large, said a company representative. The proof is the fact that the coin has broken the mark of $1. It is quite possible that this stabilin will be next in the list of new trading positions Binance.

In addition to studying potential tablconv cryptocurrency exchange constantly improves the system of security trading. Recently, the site announced the launch of software that allows you to identify questionable transactions. This will help to deal with the criminal use of digital assets, according to the company.

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