XRP added to the platform ph Coins as means of payment


XRP added to the platform ph Coins as means of payment

August 10, the Philippine platform of financial services Coins ph announced that the XRP has been added to the platform for use as a means of payment for utility services. The framework has already reported that it has 5 million users, which means that they can use XRP for payment instead of traditional currency.

Coins ph allows for peer-to-peer transfers to wallets, payment services, mobile recharge, online shopping services, and money transfer. Running a blockchain technology, it uses digital currency as a low-cost way to banking and is expanding its coverage to non-Bank regions in the Philippines. By 2020 the company plans to have on its platform of 20 million customers, mostly thanks to the influence of XRP.

Originally the platform was only open to Bitcoin (BTC), but soon began to integrate various other cryptocurrencies on its platform.

In a recent interview with the head of the Coins ph Colin Goltra said that currently the integration of XRP is limited to the selected number of participants in the Android app.

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