“Yandex” has added “Cloud”


“Yandex” has added “Cloud”

“Yandex” is on par with global Internet giants, offering their own cloud services. The company announced the launch of the platform “Yandex.The cloud” with lower than competitors prices, reports “Kommersant”.

The cloud will enable businesses to lease the necessary capacity for the development and maintenance of various systems and applications. In the platform yet consists of three elements: a scalable virtual infrastructure, service management database, as well as products on the basis of AI (speech recognition and translation). Plans to further expand the features offered to developers and adding analytical and operational services.

The development of the project began over a year ago and testing started this spring. The cost of the cloud products of “Yandex” now 2-3 times lower than those of competitors Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Therefore, the company plans to provide new services in the global market, which by the end of this year should grow to $billion 186,4 Now only the Russian segment is $400 million and is growing rapidly.

Experts believe that the company will be able to compete with world giants, but it has yet to prove the effectiveness of its platform for the corporate sector, which is now increasingly popular intelligent system. “Yandex” will need to reach the level of the top three, investing heavily in the development of this direction.

One of the examples Microsoft app Sketch2Code, which with the help of artificial intelligence converts the hand-drawn layouts of web pages into functional HTML markup.

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