You could ignore this: 2 million transactions in Bitcoin 2 Cash and ETH for the block


Firefox add lock hidden hashing Tether has released another 100 million tokens, the Bitfinex team has again suspected manipulation of market and other news last weekend

Over the past weekend value of the market for digital money has increased by $7 billion, bitcoin exchange rate increased to $7250. This could affect several events, the main ones, in our traditional selection.

The developers of Ethereum will reduce the reward per block to 2 ETH

Programmers platform Ethereum agreed to implement the update of EIP 1234, now, the reward for mining a single block will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH. It will be part of the updates Constantinople, which will be held in October. 14 developers agreed to put off the “bomb of complexity” for 12 months. They have not agreed to emissions reduction, this issue will be discussed before the next hardforum, eight months.

Firefox will block hidden mining cryptocurrency

Firefox will start to block scripts for covert mining digital money. Representatives of the Mozilla Foundation said that it will add a new system in the next versions of the browser. It is tested in Firefox Nightly.

The Prosecutor General’s office seized 22 cryptomate

All company equipment BBFpro, 22 bitcoin ATM seized by the attorney General on the request of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan said that the firm had not received any warnings about this, it works, in compliance with all laws.

According to representatives of the Central Bank, the regulator conducts systematic work on revealing and prevention of illegal activities in the financial market. BBFpro would appeal against the actions of the police.

Bitcoin Cash handled per day 2 million transactions

Blockchain Bitcoin Cash, withstood the stress test, in which the miners during the day, processed over two million transactions. The volume of transactions in the network Aldona exceeded that Ripple and Ethereum.

E-wallet Exodus added Stellar

Multi-currency wallet Exodus began to support cryptocurrency Stellar. Also, the developers added the feature of auto-update programs for Windows, fixed minor bugs and changed the design.

Bitfinex again accused of manipulating the market

On Friday, August 31 evening, the Bitfinex team has suspended work from-for technical malfunctions. Users reported that their funds are safe, simple, lasted about two hours. Experts notice that problems at the exchange started at the time of expiry bitcoin futures on CME platform. They believe that the hosting provider of the trading platform may be associated with the Chicago stock exchange.

Tether has released another 100 million tokens

Blockchain startup Tether, which produces tokens USDT, price of which is tied to the US dollar, has issued 100 million coins. The last time the company released a cryptocurrency less than two weeks ago, on August 21.

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