You could ignore this: hardwork Ethereum and depreciated tokens


Update Constantinople delayed the beginning of 2019, the Commission Monero dropped by more than 90%, most ICO-tokens traded below the initial prices and other news the past two days

The cost is the largest by market capitalization of crypto-currencies has not changed much over the last weekend. However, there have been several events that can seriously affect the individual projects and the sector as a whole, the main of them — in our traditional selection.

Commission in the Litecoin will be reduced 10 times after the update

The Litecoin Core developers announced details of the upgrade of the network of 0.17. They noted that transaction costs will be reduced 10 times after the release of a new client. At the moment, the Commission is $0.05 and it drops to levels 2015 $0,005.

International payment system Neteller has added cryptocurrency

Customers international payment system Neteller had the opportunity of buying and selling digital money. At this stage users can work with bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, it is planned to add and other assets. The minimum threshold for transactions is set at 10 euros or the equivalent in the other Fiat currencies.

Hardwork Constantinople in Ethereum postponed until next year

The developers of a decentralized platform Ethereum postponed the updates Constantinople until the beginning of 2019. Initially it was to be held in November, however due to several bugs that were discovered during testing, the release had to be delayed.

Commission Monero dropped by 90%

After the implementation of the Protocol Bulletproofs in the network Monero transaction cost dropped by more than 90% — from $0.6 to $0,02. The average transaction size fell almost 80%.

Price 86% ICO-tokens is lower than in presale

The auditing company Ernst & Young has published a market study of ICO, which found that currently 86% of the tokens are cheaper than during pre-sales, and 30% depreciated at all. According to analysts, only 10 coins from 372 showed a reverse trend.

Only 25 startups have a working product or prototype. Experts say that the size of the retail investment industry will fall into place ordinary people will venture capital firms and investment funds.

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