You could ignore this: mining at AVTOVAZ and problems Ethereum


The head of TRON Justin San announced a partnership with a company that is worth tens of billions of dollars, Bitfinex announced the suspension of reception of deposits in Fiat, acne Buterin regrets the name “smart contracts” and other stories of the past two days

In the last weekend of the market situation has not changed, for two days, Bitcoin was trading at $6300. At the same time, there have been several events that can further affect the development of the industry.

Bitfinex confirmed the information about suspension of work with Fiat

Representatives of large trading platform Bitfinex officially commented on the suspension of acceptance of deposits in all Fiat currencies for a week. They stressed that this does not apply to other services, otherwise the exchange is fully operational.

Acne Buterin said he regretted the title of “smart contracts”

The Creator of the second capitalization of the Ethereum cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin said that the name “smart contract” not competent to describe this technology. According to the programmer, it should have been called more boring, for example “permanent scripts” that lawmakers are more willing to recognize the legal force of such agreements. Now they are legalized in only one state — Tennessee.

Update Constantinople in the test Ethereum went wrong

After the Ethereum developers spent updating Constantinople in the test network Ropsten, it was no longer made blocks. After the blockchain is still there, the updated block, the network has ceased to undergo the transaction.

According to the release Manager of the electronic purse Parity Africa Sedona, this is a serious problem, which will require a lot of time. This may indicate that the update will not take place until the end of 2018.

Employee of the year AVTOVAZ mainil cryptocurrency in one of the shops of the plant

Worker of AVTOVAZ mainil cryptocurrency in one of the shops of the plant from November 2017. It found the security guards, she found a farm for the extraction of digital money, which was controlled remotely. The total cost of the enterprise on electricity for mining exceeded 600 thousand roubles.

The head of TRON has announced a partnership with a large company

The Creator of the TRON project Justin San wrote in his Twitter account that soon the company will announce a partnership with a large Corporation, the cost of which is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. The entrepreneur invited users to guess the name, without specifying details.

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