You could ignore this: reduction in Coinbase and losses of investors


The American stock exchange Coinbase has fired some employees, the head of the Visa did not rule out that the payment system will work with cryptocurrencies, exchange OKEx will remove more than 40 trading pairs and other news the past two days

The price of bitcoin remained virtually unchanged in the last two days, the first cryptocurrency was trading near $6500. Over the past weekend, there have been several events that can affect the situation on the market of digital money.

Exchange Coinbase reduced the staff

Major American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase fired at least 15 employees, writes Yahoo Finance, citing unnamed sources. Prior to that, the company’s policy was to increase staff due to increased user activity, but because of the situation on the market had to change their plans.

Alfred Kelly, Visa: we can start working with cryptocurrencies

The head of the Visa payment system Alfred Kelly said that in the short and medium prospects of the cryptocurrency will not prevent the hegemony of the company in this business. In this case the expert did not exclude that the Corporation will work with the new asset. This digital money is needed to make the leap from commodity to payment instrument “in the direction of the Fiat.”

Russia is the most active country in the number of trades on LocalBitcoins website

26.5% of trade volume LocalBitcoins portal in Russia. In second place on this indicator is Venezuela (12,2%), which is lagging behind by almost two times, the US with 11.8 per cent is in third place.

The exchange will remove OKEx 42 trading pairs

Major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx will hold delisting of 42 trading pairs with low liquidity and volumes. Representatives of the company stressed that the tokens will not be removed from the site. Delisting referred to trading pairs on 31 Oct at 08:00 Moscow time.

Half of cryptocurrency investors have remained in the red in September

According to the results of a survey of investment firms OK the Blockchain Capital, in September, 24% of traders suffered large losses from 30 to 100 percent, 25% moderate loss of 10 to 30 percent, 14% were able to earn a little money, and 5% decided to wait and see. Only 3.3% said it is receiving a large profit in the first month of autumn.

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