You could ignore this: the decline of interest in mining and insecure exchanges


Cryptocurrency wallet Exodus added two currencies, Nvidia reported declining demand for graphics cards for mining and other news last weekend

Over the past two days the situation in the market of digital money is almost not changed. However, there have been several events that can change the industry in the long term. Chief among them, in our traditional selection.

Wallet Exodus added Ripple and TrueUSD

The developers of cryptocurrency wallet Exodus have announced support XRP and token TrueUSD, the price of which is pegged to the U.S. dollar. This is the first “stablein”, which can be stored in this wallet.

Analysts eToro called Litecoin is undervalued

The price of cryptocurrency Litecoin is now much lower than the real, according to the report of experts of the investment platform of eToro. Analysts added that the coin was often used as a means of payment or keep the money.

The experts noted that Litecoin is more scalable than bitcoin. The most important developments, such as Lighting Network was tested initially in a network of this Aldona.

Most altcoins do not have a working product

60 of the 100 largest capitalisti digital money do not have real products, found analysts Invest in the Blockchain. They added that Ripple is “completely optional token”, and Litecoin has a number of problems, while not greatly extends the functionality of bitcoin.

Experts were positive about targeting anonymity altonah Monero and zcash for. However, they noted that despite the launch of the major networks in several startups, these networks are not used, so they cannot be considered “working” product.

The demand for Nvidia fell

The demand for video cards for mining and other equipment associated with the extraction of digital money, declined in the second quarter of 2018, the company said Nvidia in its financial report.

“We expect that revenues from products related cryptocurrency, will be reduced to approximately $100 million and actual revenue was $18 million. If earlier we expected that the cryptocurrency segment will be significant in the course of the year, now will not plan his contribution in the long term,” said CFO Colette Kress.

10 of 21 South Korean exchanges are not secure for traders

The South Korean authorities inspected 21 of the cryptocurrency exchange. 11 trading platforms fulfill all the necessary requirements for safe operation, the rest do not follow the recommendations of local financial regulators.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of information and communications said that the government will conduct another test trading platforms in September. Predstvaiteli Korean Agency for Internet and security (KISA) said that big hacks trading platforms Coinrail and Bithumb occurred because of non-compliance of the requirements of the regulator.

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